Optical Brighteners

Optical Brighteners are added to many materials to reduce yellowing, improve whiteness and to enhance the brightness of a product.

We introduce the following Optical Brighteners

  • Optical Brightener OB

  • Optical Brightener OB-1

Above Brighteners give very brilliant whitening shades in following applications :

  • Fiber like polyester, Polyamide & PP.

  • Plastics like PS, HIPS, ABS, PC, Polyolefin’s, Rigid PVC etc.

  • Detergents, Soaps, Papers etc.

  • Inks, Paints, Films etc.


Metal Complex Solvent Dyes

These Solvent dyes are brilliant metal complex dyes with good solubility in cello solve and in many other solvents. Metal Complex dyes are particularly suitable for the production of transparent and lightfast shades in general coating and printing inks.

Physical Properties : 

  • Solution of Metal Complex Solvent dyes behave like colloidal systems. The solubility values are only a guide, reached under specific conditions.

  • The solubility & fastness to certain chemicals and food-stuffs is shown in the charts.

  • The heat resistance of a dye depends to a great extent on the nature of the medium and on the length of time it is heated. If the medium itself turns yellow, the lacquer color will change even through the dye itself is fairly stable: the effect is most noticeable in the case of blue dyes, which may appear markedly greener.

  • The light fastness of a shade depends not only on the dye used but also on the nature of the vehicle. The concentration of the dye also has an influence.

Application :

  • Metal Complex Solvent dyes are suitable for use in transparent lacquers, flexographic and gravure printing inks, wood stains; for coloring anodized aluminum and plastics such as cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate and polyester resins.

  • The coloration of nitrocellulose lacquers for producing transparent shades on metalized polyester film & metal foil constitutes an important field of application for Metal Complex Solvent dyes. These dyes are by nature suitable for a variety of applications in many others binder systems such as vinyl resins, alkyd melamine baking enamels, shellac resins and acrylic resins.

Note :

  • Indications of suitability of the dyes for particular applications are based on our own tests and knowledge of actual practice.

  • An indication of suitability for particular purpose does not indicate that the dyes will always meet the varied requirements. It must also be borne in mind that processing conditions play an important part and it is essential that the user should test the suitability of the dye for his particular process.


Solvent Dyes and Pigment

Solvent dyes and pigments for Polyester, Fiber, Polymers, Engineering Plastics etc.:

SUBH CHEM has a scope of supply which very few Solvent Dyes and Pigment supplier can claim. The range covers one of the widest numbers of Solvent Dyes and Pigments. Our products are tailored to confirm the International standards and specifications.

The Solvent Dyes mentioned in this series disperse and dissolve easily in the polymer melt. This property of Solvent Dyes is to give brilliant coloration with sparkling transparency. For opaque plastics attractive pastel shades can be obtained with the use of Titanium dioxide. They can also be used in combination with pigment colors either as shading components or as major ingredients in a mixture for getting intensity and translucence often not obtainable by use of insoluble organic pigments alone. These developed tailor-made combinations give economic and attractive shades.

Solvent Dyes in this series are divided as: 

Series (I) best suited for Engineering plastics and Series (II) best suited for Polyolefin.


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