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Polymer Dyes

Polymer Dyes

The Polymer Dyes mentioned in the Polyplast product series disperse and dissolve easily in the polymer melt. This property of Polyplast Dyes is to give brilliant colouration with sparkling transparency. For opaque plastics attractive pastel shades can be obtained with the use of Titanium dioxide. They can also be used in combination with pigment colours either as shading components or as major ingredients in a mixture for getting intensity and translucence often not obtainable by use of insoluble organic pigments alone. These developed tailor-made combinations give economic and attractive shades.

Polyplast Dyes are divided as :
Series (I) best suited for Engineering plastics and Series (II) best suited for Polyolefins.

Polyplast ( Series I ) : Solvent Dyes for Engineering plastics
These dyes are heat stable at customary processing temperatures which are higher than that of Polyolefins. These dyes do not sublime from polymer melt during processing cycles used to prepare polymer / masterbatch blends for final processing.

Light fastness of Polyplast polymer soluble dyes are generally excellent in strong and transparent shades. These dyes are suitable for Engineering plastic such as Polystyrene, HIPS, ABS, SAN, Polycarbonate, PET etc.

For specific use of these dyes in food packaging analysis as required can be arranged (with suitable arrangements).

(1) Heavy metal analysis as specified by customer
(2) Aromatic amines banned under German regulation act
(3) Migration test as specified by customer

Dyes under this series are not recommended for Polyolefins as migration of color from the finished product is likely to be unacceptable. User should check their suitably in stretched polymer product.

Polyplast (Series II) Solvent Dyes for Polyolefins
Polyolefins find a number of usage due to low cast, good processability and overall good polymer properties.

Polyolefins are all highly crystalline polymers. Coloration of these polymers becomes very difficult due to high crystalline and lack of any reactive sites. Pigments are widely used for coloration of these polymers but they have some limitation due to insolubility and poor dispensability which leads to non-uniform coloration.

SUBH CHEM supply number of solvent dyes for the coloration of Polyolefins, which due to solubility and high affinity for polymers gives stronger, brighter and uniform shades then pigments. Fastness properties of these dyes are also excellent.

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